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Graceway Fellowship
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In Touch Ministries
Because You Matter Ministries Inc.
is a local ministry in Green Bay, WI. 
We hope your visit to our web site 
will be informational to you.

1.     Ministering to residents in,  Assisted living 
sites, Rehabilitation sites and Nursing facilities with 
the word of God, music and discipleship.

3.   Transitional needs,  through general studies,  career education and moving assistance.   

education, personal growth education, and counseling

         This is more of a growing future vision, but there is some teaching of technical skills in basic computer, that is done in conjunction with another organization as part of a computer program that is administered by our group. This general area is a work in progress as far as finding a facility to be able to house the offices and classrooms for general studies, the technical education of computer operation and repair, personal growth as in helping to find a job and manage money and counseling people in the different programs there will be. Provide moving assistance in the way of a cargo trailer with the clients providing the manpower for the move.



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Volunteers help in providing a worship service by volunteering to lead
songs, play music, give messages or sitting and assisting residents during the
Services. We minister to residents at 4 locations at various times and days
during the month.

We educate the residents in biblical studies in a group setting or we also
will do one on one studies for those who prefer.

There are special giant print hymnals for the seeing impaired along with
large print tracts. We also supply large print Bibles for those who may not have
one, at no cost to them.


         These programs and services will be funded through educational  grants and individual donations that can be submitted in person or by mail.